Even though FIDC’s are considered Fixed Income investments their returns are not predetermined. Each fund offers three different types of shares (Senior, Mezzanine and Subordinate) with distinct series in them. These series present particular expected returns, being able to attend from risk averse to risk seeking investors.

Table 1 illustrates the historic returns of the different types of shares and series offered by Credit Brasil’s Multisectorial FIDC.

Tabela Compensation for investors

Table 2 displays the details of Credit Brasil’s FIDC

Tabela Compensation for investors 2

Series offerings can be public or private, therefore investors seeking to allocate their resources are able to buy in the emission or negotiate shares in the secondary market.

FIDCs are a competitive way for investors and fund managers to obtain exposure to Brazil´s securitization market

FIDCs are recommended to investors who are looking for distinguished returns in the middle and long run.

Each fund offers three different types of shares, with distinct returns among them.